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A small college with the highest educational standards

Faculty of Theology International (FTI) is committed to those who are striving for higher theological education with an aim and heart for ministry. Furthermore, our undergraduate degrees in ministry have been an academic bridge to many students who wished to pursue graduate programs such as master and doctoral programs at other mainstream institutions. 


Equipo de FTI


Our Values


We affirm that scripture is the only infallible law of faith...

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We affirm that God is sovereign in His calling to the ministry...

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We affirm that God has called us to serve Him within a...

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We affirm that becoming an academic means that we love...

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Our Educational Purpose

The Four Pilars:

Spiritual Formation

The main objective of FTI is spiritual. The program of study is based on the development of Christian leaders who are firmly rooted in Christ and His Word. Therefore, we are committed to: 1. Cultivate the roots of spiritual and personal experience in an environment of prayer and humility before Him Mr. 2. To develop lives sculpted by biblical precepts through the discipline of reading and studying the Word of God. 3. Guide the student to recognize the work of the Holy Spirit in his life and in his ministerial responsibilities.

Educational Formationl

The central contribution of FTI is the preparation of ministers trained in the pastoral, teaching, evangelistic, missiological, and administrative tasks. Therefore, we are committed to: 1. Provide academic programs that will stimulate the potential of the learner in the ministry to which he/she is called to serve. 2. Promote an appropriate program that encompasses and challenges the social and personal growth of the learner. Such a process requires an integral development of the person. 3. Inculcate habits of diligence, loyalty and seriousness in all dimensions of the life of the student.

Vocational Formation

We exist for those who have received the call of God to exercise the full Ministry or lay work within the Church. Therefore, we are committed to: 1. Train pastors, teachers, missionaries, evangelists, administrators and lay leaders who have responded to the call to serve Christ and His Church. 2. To deepen Biblical-Ministerial knowledge and thus to develop an effective work within the Body of Christ. 3. Involve knowledge and practice by expressing it through the ministry task in the local church as an additional means of testing what has been learned in class.

Socio-Cultural Formation

We believe that God calls people of all nations and many languages, customs, cultures, laws and institutions that preserve order and peace. While they do not hinder worship of the Supreme and True God it is inappropriate to abolish or rescind differences. Therefore, we are committed to: 1. Provide a cultural-academic environment that does not transgress the culture and language of the student. 2. Accept and recognize everyone who has a call from God to the Ministry regardless of the geographic-cultural point in which it is. 3. To profess true worship in unity of all culture and language confessed by the Lordship of Christ Jesus.